Chucky & Strawberry Line Art

Chucky and Mint Drawings

A few random drawings. I’m going to try to change my coloring style to something more simple. So I have to work on my li

Random Sketches

I decided to go back to working on just my line art. I feel like some of my most current work look kind of stiff. I also notic

Chucky Halloween 2

This is my second attempt I’m not sure if I like this one either, but at least the idea is out of my mind now.

Succubus Chucky

October Chucky Line Art

Mint – Playground Rules

I really got to work on my speed. No thanks to factorio. That fucking game. I thought I would just play for a few hours. A few

Cherry on Blaze

This came out ok, I think. I was trying to decide on how I should color this image. It’s not my style but I want it to l

Chucky – Fun

Dee Dee on Mom

Yea, I’m not Dead! This set burnt me out and I kept getting sick. Turned out it was from my AC. I wasn’t getting a

Mint – Playground

This one took some time. This sketch was already done. A while ago when I drew that old Chucky image. I just have to make some

Mint – Package Delivered

Judy Alvarez

What a boring image. I might be burning out. Then again I never had a good night of sleep since last Saturday. I just feel tie

Dee Dee on Mom

I did not mean to draw this many variations, but they all look alright to me. I probably will not color all of these, but it w

New Line Focus.

I finally decided to draw some new line art. I still have a ton of line sketches just lying around but I really want to focus

Mint – Package

Well after taking a look at how I colored my last image. I noticed, I didn’t use any under tones, like red on Mint’


I think I need to really work on my art work rather than coloring but I’ll save that for later. I think this one went a


Not sure if I increased my speed at all and I’m pretty sure I rushed the lighting a bit, but that was not my focus. I