Chucky – Jack-O Pose

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Chucky New Line Art

Mint Unit 1 & Demon Chucky

Chucky – Donuts

I’m trying a different coloring style. The first image is a bit ruff and I’m not sure if I like that brush look or

Chucky Halloween 2020

Well this one is finally done. I stopped working on coloring this, because I wanted to change my coloring style. It was so clo

Chucky Breakfast

Chucky & Strawberry Line Art

Chucky and Mint Drawings

A few random drawings. I’m going to try to change my coloring style to something more simple. So I have to work on my li

Random Sketches

I decided to go back to working on just my line art. I feel like some of my most current work look kind of stiff. I also notic

Chucky Halloween 2

This is my second attempt I’m not sure if I like this one either, but at least the idea is out of my mind now.

Succubus Chucky

October Chucky Line Art

Chucky – Fun


Not sure if I increased my speed at all and I’m pretty sure I rushed the lighting a bit, but that was not my focus. I

Strawberry, Chucky and Mint

I originally quit on this image and didn’t remember why. Now, holly shit, I remember as soon as I put the flats on. The

Random Chucky

Smashing Chucky

Some old line art that I need to do some more work on, it looks ok. I really need to work on my perspective and anatomy of dra


Well, I still need to do more experiments. I think My pictures are coming out too dark, but I do like the range of tones. I ne

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