Malcom, Mint and Monica

More on this set later, I didn’t really have a plan for this set.

Malcom and mint stop by Futa Burger before Monica’s shift starts. No word are spoken between the two, just fucking. Mint looks up to Monica like a big sister, but they’re not actually related.

If you ever wondered who the father of all the candy named girls/boys are Malcom is they guy. His girlfriend Sugar, I have drawn her before but I hate her hair.

One thought on “Malcom, Mint and Monica

  1. Tisinrei

    its good to have some sort of lore to then, give a bigger purpose and more possibilities to all of then.

    Also I love how intense Monica wrecks Mint, the more intense the love the better it seens. ^^ I am impressed however, is mint that small ( or monica that big)? I really wish to see more on future pieces, its make Monica even impressive.

    Also look up for more M.C shenanigan ^^

    great job my friend.

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