Mint – Playground Rules

I really got to work on my speed. No thanks to factorio. That fucking game. I thought I would just play for a few hours. A few hours turned into 9 hours. Anyway, I did learn something to increase my speed while I was working on this one. You know how artists always say work the entire image to completion. Well that’s just fucking wrong. If you have ever seen Reiq or Taboo color, they color in sections. So I decided to try this and I nearly completed coloring the character in about 8 hours. I still need to practice this. I started back jumping around the image when I started working on the background. I spent a day just on the background, and it still looks like shit to me. I really need to look at some of those CG hentai backgrounds for reference.

It’s October now so it’s time for more Chucky and the Bubblegum Nurse.

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