Dee Dee on Mom

Yea, I’m not Dead! This set burnt me out and I kept getting sick. Turned out it was from my AC. I wasn’t getting any fresh air. Every morning, that I didn’t sleep for 8 hours, I felt like I had something worse than the flu. I thought I had some form of the Corona Virus. I stopped drawing and started paincking. I was so freezing so, I just thought to open the window. It was 94 degrees out side. The next day I felt a lot better. Then I would shut the window again and turn on the AC back on. Then I got sick again. This went on for about 2 weeks. So now All my window are always opened a little whenever the AC is on.

This set took me forever and I figured out why it takes me so long to color. I have no idea how lighting really works. The image has to be somewhat done before I can make the proper corrections. Throwing a lot of light and shadow on and fixing it later would probably work better for me. I was working on the 3 Image before I realized this. I said to my self “holy shit why am I worried so much about the light on this thigh. The rest of the image isn’t even started.” I think It’s a bad habit, from wanting to see faster progress. In the last image I just really dark shadows to start and really light colors for light. That was also a bad idea. Everything was to fucking dark. So in conclusion I still don’t know what I’m doing.

2 thoughts on “Dee Dee on Mom

  1. L.J.

    DUDE THIS LOOKS AMAZING!!!! also you might need to change your AC filter cause it could be the main reason you are getting sick. But i’m so happy you are back and doing well.

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