Strawberry, Chucky and Mint

I originally quit on this image and didn’t remember why. Now, holly shit, I remember as soon as I put the flats on. The anatomy is fucking horrible. I use to think it was just the perspective. That’s part of it is, but the anatomy is astonishingly bad. I wanted to quit on it again. I dragged my self through it and corrected a few things, but it sill looks like shit.

Again, I took way to long coloring. So, I’m going to start doing some color color exercise. I going to start with some simple shapes then work my way up. I got a feeling the next few images are going to be a bit sloppy. I have a few ideas but i think i just going to end up following some U Tube tutorials.

2 thoughts on “Strawberry, Chucky and Mint

  1. James G

    Even if it doesn’t live up to your standard it still is a great image, Keep up the good work and never stop trying. Maybe do single character pinups again til you get the hang of it.

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